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    Administrative Assistance
  • »    Area code listings by number
  • »    Over 500,000 Executive Suite properties to choose from in the United States.
  • » Country Calling Codes    International telephoning made easy.
  • » Intelius    Reverse directory, background check, criminal records, employee screening, and more.
  • » Manuals Online    Store user manuals, discussion topics, and detailed information about all your products in your free online filing cabinet.
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  • » Screen Beans    Clip Art
  • » Task Rabbit    Your deliveries, done!
  • »    Search, find, buy.
  • » Wikipedia

    Business Solutions
  • » All My Faves
  • » Carbonite
  • » Constant Contact    A leading provider of email marketing and online survey tools for small businesses, associations, and nonprofits
  • » Intuit (Quicken & QuickBooks)
  • » LookSmart
  • » Melissa Data    A leading provider of data quality and address management solutions. Cloud services and data integration components verify, standardize, consolidate, enhance and update U.S., Canadian, and global contact data, including addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for improved communications and ROI. Maintain a single, accurate and trusted view of critical information assets.
  • »    Your e-waste solution center
  • » Vertical Response    Quickly create, design and track e-mails without a professional design team (tip: nonprofits get a certain amount of e-mails for free).

    Computer Hardware and Software
  • » Adobe    All-new apps. More connected tools and services. Your creative community just a click away. Available now in Creative Cloud.
  • » Adobe Downloads    Reader, Air, Acrobat, Flash Player, Shockwave Player
  • » Apple
  • » Apple Quicktime
  • » ASUS
  • » Dell
  • » Gateway
  • » Genuitec    The leading Eclipse technology company and provider of Eclipse-based productivity tool-suites, expert consulting and training services to more than 16,000 companies in 150 countries.
  • » Hewlett Packard (HP)
  • » Itel
  • » IronKey    External USB hard drive protect invaluable data with biometric authentication and a high-strength aluminum enclosure.
  • » LG
  • » LibreOffice    Developed by users, just like you, who believe in the principles of free software and in sharing their work with the world in a non-restrictive way.
  • » Microsoft
  • » Samsung
  • » Toshiba

    Finance and Investing
  • » Daily Finance   News and advice for a lifetime of financial decisions
  • » Oanda   A market maker and a trusted source for currency data. It has access to one of the world's largest historical, high frequency, filtered currency databases.

    Food Related
  • »   From the site, quickly and easily access thousands of food and drink recipes, follow food news and industry headlines, research facts, convert measurements, browse restaurant reviews, get useful cooking tips and much more.
  • » Restaurant Row   The Ultimate Online Dining Guide--search by location, type of cuisine or name of restaurant.
  • » Restaurants
  • » Zagat   The world's original provider of user-generated content, provides trusted and accurate restaurant ratings and curated restaurant reviews for thousands of top restaurants worldwide.

    Government Related
  • » Federal Aviation Authority    A list of most major airport codes in the world, courtesy of the FAA.
  • » Federal Trade Commission    It's mission is to prevent business practices that are anticompetitive or deceptive or unfair to consumers; to enhance informed consumer choice and public understanding of the competitive process.
  • »    The official benefits website of the U.S. government
  • »    Labor law posters (state and federal)
  • » Internal Revenue Service    (Business forms:
  • »    For each country, you will find information like the location of the U.S. embassy and any consular offices; whether you need a visa; crime and security information; health and medical conditions; drug penalties; and localized hot spots.
  • »    A-Z list of trade associations.
  • » U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
  • » U.S. Small Business Administration

    Health Related
  • » FLU Facts   Everything you wanted to know about FLU season and then some (powered by Genentech).
  • » Healthy Computing   Unbiased information on computer-related health and safety. Developed through the joint efforts of nearly a dozen leading ergonomists, physicians, and physical therapists,™ is the premier source for office ergonomics.
  • » *Office Ergonomics
  • » WebMD

    Human Resources
  • »
  • » Human Resource Executive Online    Written primarily for vice presidents and directors of human resources, the magazine provides these key decision-makers with news, profiles of HR visionaries and success stories of human resource innovators. Stories cover all areas of human resource management, including talent management, benefits, healthcare training and development, HR information systems, relocation, retirement planning, andemployment law.
  • » International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM)
  • » IQ Navigator    Our software and services help enterprises across all industries buy and manage services better, including contingent labor, SOW and projects, consultants and all non-employee workforces around the world.
  • »
  • » Natioal Student Clearinghouse    The nation's trusted source for education verification and student outcomes research.
  • » Public Record Locator
  • »
  • » US Search
  • » Vault    Career intelligence...Based on their knowledge of professionals and students, and their relationship with them, Vault will be a vital partner for companies seeking engagement with this valuable audience
  • »    Providing management information and marketing services to human resources (HR) professionals.

  • »
  • » NOLO   Helps consumers and small businesses find answers to their everyday legal and business questions.

    Nonprofit Related
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  • » Network for Good   Whether a nonprofit raising money for your good cause, a corporation giving back to your communities or an individual raising funds for your favorite charity with family and friends, they can help.
  • » GuideStar   Revolutionize philanthropy by providing information that advances transparency, enables users to make better decisions, and encourages charitable giving.

    Web Related
  • » Google Analytics   Monitor activity as it happens on your site. So, you'll immediately see what's working, and what's not