Administrative Intelligence

Our Story

"...a virtual culture becomes one that is more results-oriented than entities gathered in physical spaces."
— Gabriel P. Goncalves (

     Administrative Intelligence was founded in 1999, because of the perceived need after reading business articles quoting virtual professionals whose only lament was that they no longer had access to administrative support in their virtual workplace. Given Tammy's in-depth experience and network of top assistants seeking more flexible career options, the idea was borne to offer superior administrative assistance virtually to their clients.

Well into this new millennium, many companies surprisingly still ascribe to the old way of doing things—people migrating to a costly office to share physical workspace, requiring insurance, additional tax liabilities, utilities, and other overhead expenditures. However, for forward thinking organizations virtual assistance has become an excellent way to help them tackle special administrative projects and situations without having to hire additional part- or full-time employees—which can be counter-productive in today's cost-savings driven economy.

Administrative Intelligence adds to your team and your bottom line. Give us a call to find out how our skills, experience, and education, when linked with your company's vision, will serve to create a dramatic and profitable result.